Vrede Vallei

About Us

Swellendam 100% Eco Friendly Living Accommodation

In 2010, we bought a farm in Swellendam. My husband Ben and I built it from the ground up and now we have a lovely home and Guest House, nature intact, with long cool verandas. The structure is rustic, but has a charming feel to it. Antiques, richly coloured Persians and tapestries give the home a feeling of warmth and comfort. The ivy creeper has formed a leafy canopy over the veranda giving the home a timeless look. We have three lovely garden & mountain view rooms, each with their own private veranda, garden and beautiful Langeberg mountain views. If you are looking for Guest houses in Swellendam then you’ve found the right place.

A 100% eco friendly experience

The homestead and farm runs on solar power, wind turbines and gas giving you a 100% eco friendly living experience. We have decided and learnt to live in unison with nature and to respect the beauty of it. The world is a beautiful place and keeping its beauty intact is very important to us.

Our guests love the Country Guest house experience

Our guests never fail to mention a starry moonlit sky, a mesmerising moon rising or a striking sunset. We have been blessed with wonderful folk and when they leave, we always hope someday we will see them again.

Our charming Swellendam accommodation options

  • We have 3 x lovely garden rooms overlooking green fields and a picturesque mountain range.

A peek into Nature

The farm dam is +/- 5 metres deep and a beautiful reflection of the surrounding hills and clouds mirrors from its surface. Swallows fly low and gracefully over the water while yellow-billed ducks weave in and out of the reeds. A grey winged Heron on the shallow muddy edge keeps a watchful eye over the farm. Daily, a white breasted cormorant hangs its wings out to dry after diving into the deep cool water while the malachite kingfisher, the most beautiful of all inland water birds, sits patiently on a nearby branch, always examining its surroundings. It’s truly an amazing peek into the beauty of nature.

The farm walks are wonderful with views of our majestic mountain range and green valleys. Small wild flowers turn to the sun while Arum Lilies and Waterblommetjies flourish in the wet areas. Our magnificent mountain range stands tall and proud in hues of purple and lilac. The surrounding farms and valleys, canola and wheat fields, form a patchwork as far as the eye can see.

A full English breakfast

  • We serve a full English breakfast with tea or coffee in the morning.

Why consider Vrede Vallei?

Vrede Vallei Country Guest House is renowned in Swellendam as a place where you can get away from the frenetic pace of modern day living. The guesthouse is a relaxing sanctuary where guests come to switch off and tune out for a while. Where you can talk and laugh, read or play cards without the distraction of a television set or constant wifi dependent activities. Where you can reconnect with loved ones or nature and recharge your own batteries for a change! If you’re in search of some peace and quiet in a beautiful surrounding, Vrede Vallei should be on top of your list.

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